Is Branding Content the Way to Reach Your Target Audience?


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Branding Content has been one such phenomenon gaining momentum in these times. Social Media marketing and referral marketing is largely based on the four pillars – Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They offer a variety of way to reach the varied nature of your target audience. These social platforms provide the very impetus on which the brands can base their fame once and for all. But all the brands have similar concerns as they make the mistake of using the similar content for all these platforms. This is a critical issue as it delimits the posts and makes them plagiarize when it comes to paid advertisements.

So, the key to success in the paid social platforms lies in the type of content you provide there. The easy trick to create a paid advertisement which can get conversion is to brand content natural to that platform. Your content should have the feel of different platforms and different channels. Therefore, Social Media Influencers have come to the forefront of paid advertisement on social channels.

Influencers Branding Content Is the New Order of the Day

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Social Media Influencers have become highly important given the changes in the norms of advertisements these days. Their rise has some reasons lying underneath the core of the issue. They are –

  1. They tender to authentic, relevant and relatable content to their dedicated audience at all these platforms.
  2. The cost of putting up a paid advertisement is way too much than the inexpensive content brewed by the Influencers. Also, the influencers provide large amounts of diverse content always.
  3. Your advertising team can bring change to advertisements in real time based on the feedback from the target audience. Also, studio advertisements take a lot of time in processing and the influencers can keep up to it in real time.

Content Branding for Facebook Ads

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Of all the Social Mediums, Facebook has the largest user base for Branding content and paid advertisements. It has the capability of building the largest audience base given its 5 billion user base. Images play a major role in Facebook’s Ad success as they increase the performance by up to 75-80%. The influencers will thus help you garner the kind of feedback you need for your advertisements. Influencer content on social media earns more than 8 times the engagement rate of branding content. It also punishes non-relevance of advertisements.  The engaging ads show more frequently while those ads do not get priority for delaying non-performance.

Additionally, Facebook can deliver target ads to each of its users and target them according to thousands of factors from online behavior to beliefs and personal interests.

What Must be done?

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To avoid the skyrocketing ad costs, the brands must refresh their Facebook ad content frequently or every week.

  • The branding content uploaded for gaining ad revenue must be highly relevant to each of the target audience. If you cannot satisfy the last of the user base, the ultimate motive would never get achieved.
  • The content must always have minimal of branding to make it seem less like an advertisement. People often shy away from such posts to not waste their time and energy.
  • The brands should partner with macro-influencers who are common to your target audience. It should have relatable and eye-catching content which receive engagement. Branding content on people and event receive more engagement compared to stale contents.
Branding Content Format

There should be a special format in which the content must be prepared. They are –

  • Recommended image size: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • 10+ variations in each ad (images, headlines, body copy, CTAs)
  • Test 20-150 new images per month




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