How Can Brands Maintain Visibility amidst Facebook’s New Algorithm?

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With contents from brands less likely to appear on Facebook, what should be the next move for these brands? Should they hang their boots from Facebook’s New Algorithm campaigning or start afresh with bold tactics? In any case, with the changes around, there need to be new streaming of blood into the veins of marketing? That is exactly what we would be discussing in the following blog about brands inferring from this blackout. So, how can they increase their audience as well as reach in a limited way? How will they convey their marketing to their customers? How will they answer them of their queries? Will the budget on an advertisement on Facebook increase or will there be a scare? Let us check out.

Possible Checks for Brand Visibility and Advertisement on Facebook’s New Algorithm

Now, having to face axe for flawless brand streaming, the brands must find a new way to operate. And this operation might come in the form of contacting influencers. Influencer generated content have chances of performing 8 times better than the generic brand contents. Partnering with Influencers can bring about the change in the way you do your business. They have authentic, engaging and better-performing content than the general content. That means, the less engaging content, stock photos or stale content would not make the cut on Facebook’s New Algorithm. So, if you want to reach new markets, here is what you must know –

Focus on engaging More Powerful Influencers

As discussed above, Influencers will play a major role in the release of Facebook’s New Algorithm for Brand Marketing. There is a difference in the approach made by your brand and that of the Influencers. you must now be thinking that you have a large audience base on Facebook and Instagram but then why should you need to engage influencers? Here you can trick Facebook easily by encouraging members to comment on posts.  But this won’t work in the Facebook’s new algorithm which has a set bot to check all these interactions. ‘Engagement Bait’ is the proper word for such interactions and is likely to get demoted. Simply asking your followers to comment on your posts in the archaic contents will most likely to get dropped.

Thus, this is a tough time to find yourself if you are a brand searching to find feet in the marketing arena. Following are the ways to get on with things following the introduction of Facebook’s New Algorithm –

  1. You must now Partner with on-brand Influencers by Sponsoring their Posts and tags
  2. Increase your spending on Facebook and Instagram ads that feature influencer generated contents.

How are Influencers so important in Facebook’s New Algorithm for Advertisement?

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They had always been important for brand visibility and brand optimization, but their presence has now become magnanimous with the rollout of Facebook’s New Algorithm. Not only do they have an engaging content but also an appeal to the kind of people they serve. They have good knowledge in curating content for the liking of Facebook audiences. As per Keenan Beasley, co-founder of BLKBOX, ‘Influencer content and engagement will continue to thrive on social media despite changes to the algorithm, because influencers are, and have always been people first, and content marketers second.”

Also, they have a dedicated pool of followers who would constantly and organically like, comment and share their post. While doing this, they would also influence their friends and relatives to watch such content also thereby increasing followers. On the other hand, people view brand advertisement as an only money minting programs set to encroach their private space.

With these Facebook’s New Algorithm around, it has now been the high time for the brands to realize their potentials. They need to understand the game of reactions and appear accordingly.


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