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Check out the Top Food Influencers on YouTube to Drive your Sales

Food and exotic cuisines are the fields where lots of people find their interest in. food blogging has slowly and steadily grown from a hobby to a full-time profession with a lot of people involved in the process. Food bloggers have millions of subscribers and followers and slowly they have turned into real-time influencers also. So, these days restaurants and food chains hire these food influencers on YouTube to spread awareness and knowledge about their product in real time. With their millions of followers, they are really able to generate lead and subsequently the sale flourishes. In our latest edition, we have brought to you the list of top food influencers who have become famous in their niche since the adoption of such technique. Let us check out.

How do the Food Influencers on YouTube help increase the business?

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Food Influencers on YouTube collaborate with the hotels or restaurants or online websites catering to delivery and spread the brand awareness among their followers. With the influencers themselves trying the dish and asking their loyal supporters to do the same, the sale substantially grows par. The new industry norm has saved millions of dollars for the restaurant chains who used to hire big celebrities and in-house influencers to reach the crowd via an ad. Big food chains like Dominos, Pizza Hut, KFC, and others have roped in such food influencers on YouTube as well as micro influencers to bring into sales. The social media hotshots have plenty of ideas to get themselves and the food they are promoting business in the quickest of the times.

Check out the names and details of the top food influencers on YouTube –

1: Rosanna “Ro” Pansino

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This super-famous YouTuber got into the limelight with her Nerdy Nummies series where she bakes different foods. She used to make geeky and nerd-themed foods like Pokemon Ice Cream Cones and Tetris Tater Tots. On YouTube, this is the most famous and popular baking shows and it becomes a treat with her around 6 million subscribers. Her videos are creative and engaging, which have helped her gain more than 6 million subscribers! Her “challenge” videos, such as her Starbucks Challenge video (sponsored by Starbucks) and the Pizza Challenge video are also very popular and fun to watch. Ro has been sponsored by companies including Audible and Apple.

2. Epic Meal Time

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Epic Meal Time is hosted by Harley Morenstein and his friends who are Canadian by origin. Unlike most of the YouTubers who would tell you to be lean and thin, their videos would often consist of extremely high-calorie and high-fat meals made up of meat products and alcohol with comedic and captivating storylines. In their most-viewed video of 27 million views, they order 45 burgers from fast food restaurants and combine them with a lot of cheese, bacon, and alcohol to create a giant fast food lasagna. Other similarly popular videos include TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving and Breakfast of Booze.

3. Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver is a British Celebrity Chef who is widely known for his healthy English Cuisine and food products. With a number 1 bestseller book in the UK titled ‘The Naked Chef’, he has also done a number of Television shows as well. His YouTube channels also include expert tutorials on making all kinds of dishes like a Slow & Low Chilli Con Carne or Slow-cooked Beef Stew. Jamie has worked with many companies including Tefal, a cookware company, which he features in his advertisement video How To Be An Incredible Tosser like Jamie Oliver.

4. Laura in the Kitchen

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Laura in the Kitchen is a big name when it comes to Food Influencers on YouTube list. With almost two and a half million subscribers, Laura Vitale is one of the most popular food tubers out there. She focuses on Italian cuisine, but she also makes delicious sweets and breakfast goodies as well. Her tutorials are very informative, easy to follow, and interactive as she often adds extra commentaries, personal preferences, and interesting stories to engage with her viewers. In addition, she takes viewer requests to make tutorials of recipes, including the Ultimate Nutella Milkshake and the Oreo Milkshake.

5. My Cupcake Addiction

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This top YouTube food channel is hosted by Elise and comprised of informative, easy to follow tutorials on how to make delicious cakes, cupcakes, sweets, and bakes. Some of her most successful uploads are on her Giant-Sized playlist that includes a Giant Ice Cream Snickers Candy Bar and a Giant Ferrero Cupcake. One of her mostly-viewed videos is of her making a Skittles Rainbow Cake, in which she teamed up with Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio to make a creative, interactive tutorial.

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