Facebook Influencer Marketing: How have the Norms Changed?

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It is no longer a dilemma that Influencer Marketing is the future of Ad placing and management. Now when it comes to Facebook, the norms for Facebook Influencer Marketing have considerably changed. Facebook did make an official announcement on this program, but it was working stealthily to improve its business marketing bi-laws. It is now clear the influencers and creators will be able to tag the brands they promote. The brands, on the other end, will allocate advertising budget towards promoting such posts on Facebook. For now, the feature will only be available on Facebook and not on Instagram or WhatsApp. Instagram will be the next stop for such improvement in Influencer Marketing platforms.

What Changes Can We See in Facebook Influencer Marketing?

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There have been significant changes as far as norms for Facebook Influencer Marketing is concerned. The market pundits would often assume the Influencer Marketing to be a dying course and any investment is a waste. But considering the changes brought in by Facebook, the Marketing strategy will surely work to win advertisers. The new feature of Facebook Influencer Marketing is significant for marketers and influencers for following reasons:

Micro-Influencers are now Scalable as Celebrities

This is the biggest of the changes in the Facebook Influencer Marketing norms. Previously, the big brands would require partnering with celebrities and macro influencers to reach the audience but the new changes could help them partner with small-time creators and micro-influencers also. The new norm allows the brands to team up to test and invest with micro-influencers to create unique content. They can then measure the results and accordingly allocate budget behind the highest performing posts.

Value of Content and Not the Number of Followers of Influencers

To organize the Facebook Influencer Marketing Platform, the type of content and not the number of followers will get priority.  The influencers often get famous due to their number of followers, but Facebook will not identify that metric anymore. Instead, their quality of content will get priority over their number of followers hence after. Now that the brands can promote influencer posts directly, they can get more accurate feedback on CTR/CPA/CPC. They can also choose to see the highest performers and the best content as well.

Facebook Promotes more Audience than Large Scale Influencer Audiences

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Often the brands get skeptical while teaming up with a macro size influencer fearing the diversity of their followers. They bring with them audiences which are not the plan of the brands to influence. Hence, Facebook Influencer Marketing provides them with accurate and to the point audience who might show interest in the product. So, promoting a micro-influencer post with ads, there can be leveraged to promote interest-based communities, re-targeting groups, look-alikes etc.

Facebook Influencer Marketing is a Huge win for Micro-influencers

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With the features becoming life, the biggest winners were the micro-influencers. The Facebook did give them the wings to cross over the horizon with Advertisement demands of the Brands. Many brands, in the unavailability of micro-influencers, turn up to big influencers and celebrities who charge way too much. This initiative will help boost the original creators and influencers to grow up their business by creating original content. They will receive the incentive towards working on something they surely love to do. With this innovation, the Facebook has leveled the playing field between the micro and macro influencers while giving them ample opportunity to shine.


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