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What are the Top Influencer Marketing Trends of 2018 You Must Know?

It would not be exaggerating if we note that influencer marketing reached its peak in the year only to go further up the ladder. The year 2017 saw brands rushing to the influencers to help them manage their brand image and therefore sell. Influencers, on the other hand, had pretty good business opportunities too. The year ahead of us shows lots of promise and competence regarding influencer marketing. There are basic influencer marketing trends that we must bring into account to judge that. These trends will enlighten us to what the future holds for influencer marketing and how the brands have to maintain that cognizance. It will further allow us to dig deeper into business ethics of the influencers too. Let us delve to understand the influencer marketing trends of 2018.

What Future holds as per Influencer Marketing Trends for 2018?

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With the growth we saw in the year 2017, it is likely to continue in the year 2018 also. It is going to continue as the marketing force for this year as the brands look to grow their market and audiences. The brands see influencer marketing as a force to improve their sales through social media engagements. This engagement is a key to propagation for the influencers who have a dedicated audience pool. The only viable question can be, what can brands do to maximize their profits through influencer marketing this year. Can you obtain the same level of success this year too with the old tactics? Or do you need new ones for that matter? Here are some of the influencer marketing trends that we must check out –

Relationship Based on Mutual Trust as per Influencer Marketing Trends

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It is a necessity of the growing times that we seek to make a relationship based on mutual trust and transparency. The partnership between brands and influencers will only grow if they are built on truth and transparency. It is important that both parties seek to follow FTC guidelines for marketing. the trend of not revealing the brand values to influencers and vice versa have led to negative results that we do not want to see. In the early days of influencer marketing on social media, not every brand was as open as they should’ve been about working with some of your favorite social media stars or celebrities. Similarly, influencers created Instagram Posts, YouTube Channels, and Facebook pages without disclosing to their audience that they were being paid for their posts.

FTC Guidelines and Influencer Marketing Trends

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This creates confusion not only to their follower but also to the FTC. These trade guidelines must be followed in any case. If you want to avoid facing any type of legal troubles, make sure the influencers you work with clearly disclose that they’re being compensated for promoting your brand. They can do it simply by writing #sponsored or #advertisement or #paid partnership in their content. Instagram has this feature of showing paid partnership, but YouTube and Facebook are yet to come with such arrangement. Here are some of the tips to keep your influencers campaigns on the high as per the Influencer Marketing Trends –

  1. The Brands must disclose every paid piece of content with the influencers they are signing. Even if the content looks like an advertisement, the influencers to need to disclose on all their posts.
  2. Brands must check each paid post that the influencers are posting on their pages. Review each paid piece of content and make sure they’ve noted that they’re being compensated. Otherwise, you put your brand at risk.

Brands Must Not Limit their Influencer Marketing to Instagram Only

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It is a truth that Instagram is a rage these days and might even surpass Facebook amidst the Data scandal. But the brands mustn’t only remain limited to the Instagram only which was the best platform for 92% influencers in 2017. You must also work with the influencers present on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest too. In the coming days, Influencers on Instagram might see a surge of prices, but the same influencer might not have the same price tag on other social platforms and that is where brands can count.

So, as per Influencer Marketing trends of 2018, follow influencers from other social platforms as well to drive your brand. While you may not reach the same number of people as you would on Instagram, you could generate a better ROI if you’re paying less and getting better conversions.

Brands Must Use Influencer Marketing Tools

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Brands find it tough to find the right set of influencers for their brand and managing their relationship. Here are the details of the thorough steps involved in finding the influencers –

  • Browse through Instagram or YouTube looking for people who might be a good fit.
  • Send them a DM or email if you can find it their email address.
  • Go back and forth for a while negotiating the terms of the partnership.
  • After you come to an agreement, send payment and wait for the influencer to execute.
  • Come up with a scrappy way to track the partnership.

These processes might be a lengthy one and hence the Influencer Marketing Trends of 2018 suggest that the brands use influencer marketing tools to expand their reaches to such influencers.

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