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How to use Instagram Hashtags to Spread Your Brand Awareness

As a brand, you must always be cautious about the changes which are going in and around you. Many of the brands target their audience with day to day changes in the surroundings. Any political or social changes are quickly incorporated into the advertisement world. Social media marketing is one such place with a vibrant day to day activity. Hashtags were first introduced by Twitter, but later Instagram brought this feature onboard too with Instagram Hashtags. Hashtags are generally markers to indicate something specific and create awareness. Do you use the most popular tags? How many do you use per post? Did you include a branded hashtag? Have you ever even tested what works best? In this blog, we learn as to how we can use the Instagram Hashtags to spread our brand awareness on this photo-sharing platform. You must use varieties of Hashtags to make your article discoverable.

How do Instagram Hashtags Work?

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Instagram Hashtags are important to your businesses as the social media site has become highly specific for business. They make the content discoverable and brings back users who have never been successfully targeted. The only question which remains is finding the right balance for the Instagram Hashtags for your related brand. If we talk about the statistics, each of the Instagram hashtags tends to receive 12.6% more engagement as compared to those posts with no hashtags.

But brands need to be smart about the ways in which they should use the Instagram Hashtags. Most of the users on Instagram (Around 60% users) are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. They use the Instagram to view the specialty of the products.

The Sprout Social Q2 2017 dove into this exact issue with brands trying to be something they’re not. And the data showed 69% of people feel brands using slang is embarrassing. Instead, people prefer brand interactions, to be honest, caring and to answer to their needs. So, what are the special benefits of using the Instagram Hashtags?

Instagram Hashtags increase Number of Followers

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Instagram Hashtags usually help in increasing the number of followers if done right. To get positive ROI, you must use the hashtags properly at least 3-4 times during the post. Here you have to focus on the community aspect and not target the individual ones. Instagram hashtags have the power to get users involved in branded and user-generated content. But as a brand, you will require promoting your followers through hashtags and give content as they want. The Instagram Hashtags drive actions and participation while you can discover tons of users through the relatable hashtag.

Instagram Hashtags increase Brand Discoverability

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Instagram Hashtags have the ability to get the brands discovered as they categorize content as per the demand of the users. Twitter uses the Hashtags to separate the burning content and relative ones. To break it down, Instagram uses hashtags to categorize content. paperwork in an office. You have your papers which go inside folders, and the folders go inside a filing cabinet. In this scenario, the papers are Instagram posts, the folders are hashtags and the filing cabinet is the Instagram platform.

Community Engagement

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One of the best outcomes of the Instagram Hashtags is the community engagement matter. Instagram builds smaller and genuine community and guarantees its members of utmost satisfaction. Sharing, tagging, and forwarding are essentials of Instagram community and Hashtags play a major role in that. So, one of the biggest benefits of implementing a hashtag strategy is the growth in community engagement. Building a strong online community means providing valuable content people relate to. This means your brand has to build partnerships with power users in your industry, micro-influencers and location-specific content.

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